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I get off from the car (Story)

I go on the street, I get close to home, press the button, then go reverse, get off from the car, press the button and skip to the next activity. This is only a short story of what happens when I go home from work.

But two months earlier things were not the same. I was heading to my house towards the street hoping that somebody will be in the yard so that I won’t need to get off from my car to manually open and then close the gate. Things got a little bit different when the weather was windy and I was being agitated. What if the wind could push the gate and scratch my car?

Today I am going to tell you about a small device but with great benefits to me: the remote control – that special something that I press and spare me from all the wasted time and agitation.

I use the Nice Flor-s remote control with 4 channels at least twice a day. Why so many channels? Each button is set to open or close a different thing. You can read here more information about remote controls. The button I like the most is the one set to open and close only a part of my folding gate. Why? When I go aut with the bike I don’t want the whole gate to open, but only a part of it. In addition to this, I take with me only one remote control instead of the whole pair of keys. Regarding my needs this device opens both the gate and the garage door and I can operate them independently.

To find more about remotes, check out this article.

Cristian Tamas