Sectional garage doors:
convenient and safe

Sectional garage doors

Whether you’re building a new home or just renovating, you’ll probably need a garage door. Our recommendation for you is to opt for a sectional garage door, because:

They save space
Sectional garage doors open vertically upwards by sliding along the ceiling, which allows you to gain space in front and inside the garage.

They provide acoustic and thermal insulation
Due to their 42 mm thick steel panels filled with dense polyurethane foam, Dusadoor’s garage doors provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation inside the garage.

They are safe and durable
Dusa’s garage doors are made of galvanised steel panels from Sicom Italy, allowing them to protect your car and goods for many years! In fact, we’re offering you a 5-year warranty for all our doors and dedicated service for all the time they’re in use.

Our garage doors are manufactured using high-quality raw materials that we import from leading manufacturers worldwide.
The high-quality sectional panels from Sicom Italy that we use for building our garage doors determine their unique qualities:
  • they are made of 42 mm thick galvanised steel shells filled with dense polyurethane for insulation.
  • they feature a protective foil on both sides to avoid any scratches during transport, installation or handling.
  • available in two sizes (H): 495 mm and 615 mm.
  • they are fitted with a finger protection system to avoid any accidents during operation.
  • they’re in full compliance with EU regulations.
  • they’re joints fit perfectly
  • equipped with sealing gaskets that ensure superior insulation, and prevent humidity and dust from penetrating through the garage door.
  • their overall heat transfer coefficient (u) is 0,52 W/sqmK.
  • the sides of the panels are enclosed by painted galvanised steel caps, increasing their durability.
  • our panels are treated against corrosion.
  • on the inside, the panels are fitted with double-reinforcement metal tapes for securing the hinges.

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Our selection of garage doors includes several designs from which you can choose depending on your personal taste and the style of your home.


Dusa’s garage doors are available in several faux wood finishes, as well as in a wide range of colours from the RAL palette.


You can opt for a manually operated garage door or you can opt for an easier to use automated door. The garage openers we use for automation are manufactured by Nice Italy.


Our garage doors can be fitted with windows for added natural light, ventilation slots, a pedestrian door for easier on foot access to the garage, handle, code keypad, key selector and additional 2- or 4-channel remote controls.

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