Professional assembly and maintenance services:
guarantee long-term reliability


Transport and installation

Dusadoor makes sure that the products you order reach you as quickly as possible. Moreover, our professional team will install your doors for free. The installation service comes with a 24 month standard warranty.

Besides installation, we perform all the necessary measurements on-site for free and are always available to advise you in regard to our products and solutions.

Maintenance and repair services

All Dusadoor’s doors are made of high-quality materials and assembled by skilled detail oriented craftsmen. This allows our doors to be robust and hardwearing, which means they need less servicing and maintenance.

However, as with all complex mechanical products, our doors do require occasional routine maintenance. In case of mechanical damage or electrical failure, all the components can be repaired or replaced.

Repair and maintenance services are available both during warranty and during post-warranty. Our super-fast response teams are composed by highly trained professionals who are ready to fix any problem in the shortest time.

5 year warranty

Dusadoor offers a 5 year* warranty for all its products and their installation.
*The standard warranty covers 24 months, however, we offer a 5 year warranty if you subscribe to our yearly maintenance service.


With our partners’ help, we currently distribute our products in over 40 Romanian cities and towns, as well as in several European Union countries.

By becoming our partner, both your business and your customers will have everything to gain! The strengths that won us so many successful collaborations from our foundation until today consist in the quality of the materials we use, our fine workmanship, and our low prices. In other words, we can guarantee you an excellent quality-price ratio!

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