Rolling grilles from Nyos:
safe and good-looking

Nyos rolling grilles

Dusadoor’s range of rolling grilles are marketed under the brand name Nyos, a trademark we launched back in 2012. Rolling grilles protect your space from vandalism and constitute a solid shield against breaking and entering. Even when they’re closed, they provide a good ventilation and visibility inside the space they’re closing. They are ideal for securing and delimitating shops, warehouses, public institutions, halls and other industrial facilities. Some of them are used even in residential applications.

Rolling grilles come in numerous configurations, operation modes (rolling grilles, sliding grilles), and designs, and can be mobile or fixed, automated or operated manually through an ergonomic handle.

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General characteristics:
  • they are made of very strong galvanised steel
  • varying with each design, they can be completely opaque, may feature perforations for ventilation, or can be nearly transparent
  • they can be painted in any colour from the RAL palette
  • all designs can be automated (except for the extendable ones)

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You can choose from several designs for your rolling grilles - with slates, tubular, profilight, extendable and pliable - each having specific characteristics and applications.


Dusa’s rolling grilles are available in any colour from the RAL palette.


You can opt for a manually operated rolling grilles or you can opt for an easier to use automated grille. The openers we use for automation are manufactured by Nice Italy.


Our rolling grilles can be accessorised with remote control, simple key selector, key selector with emergency release, control panel, galvanised steel sheet cover, nylon covers and side seals.

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