High-speed doors:
great traffic optimisers and power savers

High-speed doors:

Industrial high speed doors provide very short opening and closing times, thus limiting the passage of cold or hot air, of smoke, dust, insects or birds. They also ensure a good thermal insulation. High speed doors (or rapid doors) are used most often to separate interiors, but are suitable for exterior use too.
  • max. accepted size: 4000 mm x 4000 mm
  • curtain weight: 650gr/m2
  • standard speed: 0,7 mt/sn
  • side guides: 2 mm galvanized steel
  • operation: manual, automated
  • power: 380 V AC 0,75 kw
  • bottom bar is equipped with a metal pipe
  • control unit is digital and housing material is plastic

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Our high speed doors’ curtains are available in multiple colour options.


You can opt for manual operation of the door or for more convenience, you can choose automation.

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