Industrial sectional doors:
modern and hardwearing

Industrial sectional doors

Industrial sectional doors constitute the most widespread type of doors for warehouses, industrial halls and workshops. These industrial doors save space due to their vertical opening system (thus the term “overhead doors”), they provide thermal and acoustic insulation due to their 42 mm thick “sandwich” panels, and are safe and durable due to their galvanised steel panels. Moreover, because of their panel-based modular structure, sectional industrial doors can be made to measure, depending on the exact requirements of each industrial building.
Generally speaking, industrial panels share the same technical specifications and features with those of the residential ones:
  • they feature an anti-spring breakage protection system
  • they feature an anti-cable breakage protection system
  • they can be manual (operated through a gear chain) or automated (Nice opener)
For further technical specs regarding our sectional doors, see our sectional garage doors page.


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Our range of industrial doors includes several models:


Dusadoor industrial sectional doors are available in many colors RAL.


You can opt for manual operation of the door or for more efficiency, can opt for automation motor shaft produced by Nice Italy.


Our industrial doors can be fitted with windowed panels (plexiglass) that provide natural lighting inside the warehouses, ventilation slots, or a pedestrian door, which provides a practical on foot access inside the buildings, door latches, code keypad, key selector and additional 2- or 4-channel remote controls.

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