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What are the photo cells (sensors) and one useful advice

Taking into account that winter is getting close I would like to share one advice with you that I have got from one worker in the Dusadoor team. This advice is applied to the sensors your automation may have. Either you have a garage door, a folding door, a sliding door or a residential one, and if you have also sensors at the automation who controls one of this product, this article’s advice will help you not only this winter but in any other season. You will see why.

1. What are photo cells/ sensors?

Because this is the right way, I will start by explaining what is a pair of sensors and how do they help. Maybe you saw at this residential work (Portfolio/ Residential client) the fact that on the pillars of the fence are mounted some small boxes. Those boxes are exactly the photo cells tied to an automation by Nice brand (you can see more about this automation here).

This photo cells have the role to prevent some unpleasant situations. Imagine that you get home from work and you want to get your car in the garage. You already entered with the front of the car inside and your wife presses the remote control’s button to open the gate because she thinks it is closed. If you have the photo cells correctly set and mounted they will detect the fact that you have already entered the garage and you are in front of the gate. In this way the door will not close but it will automatically open in order to protect your car.

Maybe you think that this situation happens rarely and it’s not worth investing in such a system. Just imagine that you have kids who go in and out of the garage when the door is closing. None of us would want to be in this situation, but sadly this had happened before.

2. How to prevent the incorrect functioning of the photo cells/ sensors?

Considering the advice mentioned earlier in the article and in the title, if this photo cells are exposed to the environment they can be covered with snow, dust, rain and so on. In order for the pair of photo cells to work correctly these have to be permanently clean. Whenever you notice or you know that it is going to snow, be careful so the photo cells will not be covered by snow or dust (in the summer). This also applies to the photo cells designed for industrial products like industrial door, rolling grills and so on. You can see the whole collection here.

3. I want to order one too. How can I do this?

At Dusadoor, the photo cells can be order directly from our online catalog (both to garage doors, folding doors and also automation). You can see the example below.

Bifeaza fotocelule la cererea ta de oferta

Also you are more than welcome at our office, mentioned in the contact us page.