About us

Company history

We founded Dusadoor in May 2006 in Oradea, Romania, as a response to the increasing demand for sectional garage doors and manual or automated industrial doors. Our company’s main business was at that moment the sale and installation of these doors.

However, shortly after, we extended our scope by integrating in our offer new products like intercoms, interior doors, and most importantly wrought iron gate openers (automation).

Industrial & garage door manufacturing

In March 2008, after a time of rapid development in which we received some very positive feedback from our clients, we started our own manufacturing facility, which allowed us to produce and sell garage and industrial doors at very competitive prices. Dusadoor’s business model shift also allowed it to improve its delivery time and to better control the quality of its products.

In order to be able to meet the exacting requirements of our clients, our product range was extended to include various wrought iron items, including gates and fences, high-speed doors, rolling grilles, roller doors, barrier gates, loading dock equipment and many more.

Core values

Right from the start, our team has been guided by 3 unshakable principles, which explains why Dusadoor’s products and services are so well-regarded by clients and partners alike. These 3 core values are:
  1. Promptitude - the delivery and installation are carried out in the shortest time possible,
  2. Professionalism - the whole team is highly qualified and always ready to help its clients,
  3. Quality - both our products and workmanship are technically, aesthetically and functionally flawless

The strict observance of these core values has helped Dusadoor become the leading supplier of garage doors in Oradea, and a strong competitor on the nationwide market.

National & international distribution

An important step in the development of our company was to stretch our supply chain to over 40 locations all over Romania. Furthermore, in the autumn of 2011, as a natural consequence of Dusadoor’s brand development, we started to export our products to several EU countries.

European certification

Dusadoor’s products are in accordance with European quality requirements (they feature the CE marking), and are technically certified by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.