Roller doors:
versatile and attractive

Nyos roll up garage doors

Dusadoor’s range of roller doors are marketed under the brand name Nyos, a trademark we launched back in 2012. These roll up doors are made of aluminium slats filled with polyurethane foam, their main application being the construction of roll up garage doors. Among their benefits we can include:
  • they can be installed in places where sectional doors are unpractical
  • they can be installed to the interior, to the exterior or inside the door frame
  • they roll in a very small space, thus being very compact
  • they are safe and elegant
  • they provide thermal and acoustic insulation
  • their slats can feature air slots or windows
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  • the aluminium slats are 77 mm wide and 18.5 mm thick
  • the polyurethane foam filling is CFC-free
  • the curtain weight is 4.65 kg/sqm
  • they can pe operated manually or automatically
  • Dusa’s roll up garage doors can be painted in any RAL palette colour or you can choose a faux wood finish

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Dusa’s roll up garage doors are available in several faux wood finishes, as well as in a wide range of colours from the RAL palette.


You can opt for a manually operated roll up garage door or you can opt for an easier to use automated door. The garage openers we use for automation are manufactured by Nice Italy.


Dusadoor’s roll up garage doors can be fitted with glazed slats or slats featuring air slots.

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