Garage door automation:
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Garage door automation

Dusadoor provides swing gate automation systems manufactured by the famous Italian brand Nice. For this reason, we can offer you multiple options for swing gate automation, depending on the size and weight of the gate.

Currently we feature three types of swing gate openers in our portfolio: the standard Wingokit opener, the articulated Popkit and Hyppo openers, and the underground Metro opener.

Nice Wingokit swing gate opener The Wingokit gate openers provide quiet operation and are very easy to install, being suitable for swing gates with leaves up to 1.8 m in length and weighing up to 200 kg per leaf.

Nice Popkit swing gate opener
The Popkit swing gate automation system is also very quiet in operation and easy to install, instead it is suitable for swing gates with leaves up to 2 m in length which feature wide pillars and lightweight structures, and for single leaf pedestrian gates. Additionally, Nice Popkit features a deceleration system on opening and closing and an obstacle detection system. In case of power failures, the opener continues to work with the optional batteries (PS124) that fit inside the motor.
The kits of the Nice Wingokit and Popkit swing gate openers contain:
  • 2 surface-mounted electromechanical gear motors, with Nice key release
  • 2 transmitters 433.92 MHz, 2 channels
  • 1 control unit A400 with a plug-in receiver
  • 1 pair of photocells for outdoor installation
  • 1 flashing light with integrated aerial
  • 2 travel stops for opening manoeuvres
  • 1 signboard

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Our swing gate openers can be fitted with solar power systems, fingerprint reader, additional remote controls, amplifying antenna and others.

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