Industrial folding and sliding doors:
robust and scalable

Industrial folding and sliding doors

Industrial folding and sliding doors are made of galvanised steel panels with polyurethane insulation, having a total thickness of 52 mm. Just like sectional doors, they can be fitted with windows and pedestrian doors.

They are suitable in areas where the classic sectional doors can’t be installed and are available in all the RAL colours used in the industrial field.

Industrial folding doors are commonly used externally, having the advantage of being able to close large openings such as hangar doors, dock warehouses doors and the like. They can be operated manually or can be automated (in the case of really large doors, automation is mandatory).

Industrial sliding doors are most often used inside, to separate and insulate areas within the industrial facility. Used externally, they are suited for virtually unlimited opening widths. Sliding doors share the same technical features with folding doors, both having good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

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