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About remotes

Despre telecomenzile automatizarilor

We all know what a remote control is used for. Basically, we no longer need to walk in order to make something happen. The most probably you have at least one remote control in your house, for example the remote control you use to switch the channels on the TV. What a good thing that you don’t have to move anymore, right?

Or maybe you had a different remote control. One that brought you enthusiasm. Does the remote-guided car ring any bell?

In this article we will describe with more details the functions of the remote controls that Dusadoor offers to our clients.

1. Briefly

Dusadoor remote controls are made especially for distance automation operating actions for products such as garage doors, industrial sectional doors, folding gates and others. Depending on the available channels of the remote control, this can operate several automation.  Also, a channel can be set to operate a different function than the regular open/close one.

2. What does the remote “control with 1, 2, 4 or 9 channels mean?”?

My colleague Razvan told me: the channels represent the number of buttons a remote control has. A remote control with one channel has one button; the ones with two channels have two buttons and so on.

3. What can I set on the channels?

For example, at a remote control with two channels you can do this way: on channel 1 you can set the opening and closing of the door at the entrance of the yard and on channel 2 you can set the opening and closing of the garage door. In this way one channel can be set for at least one automation and, depending on the number of multiple channels, also for more numbers of automation.


Besides, on a free channel you can set another function than the standard opening and closing automation. For example, if you have a folding gate with two branches, one automatic folding (with two branches) and a remote control with two channels, on the first channel you can set the usual open and close process (the whole gate, both branches) and on the second channel you can set the opening of only a part of your folding gate (one branch). This action is very useful in case you want to go out with you bike or motorcycle without opening the whole gate.

4. Battery information and how to change one.

The function radius of an emitter and the LED’s luminosity are reduced when the battery is discharged. Depending on the type of remote control you have, the replacement procedure of the battery and also the type of it differs from one another. In this article we will present you one of the most commercialized remote control by Dusadoor.

a. Nice Flor-s

For this type of remote control (Nice Flor-s) you will need a new 23A battery- 12 volts (also named 23ae- 12V or p23ga- 12V).

1. Remove every key or anything attached to the remote control.


2. Press with your thumb the remote control’s holding device in the direction shown in the image below.

step3_lift_up3. Put your finger between the open cap (after step 2) and the other cap in order to gain access to the battery.

4. With your index finger push down the battery (towards the holding device) in order to throw it.

5. Introduce the new battery (23A- 12V for this type of remote control) like in the image. The positive pole on the left and the negative one on the right (the remote control must be placed as in the image).

6. Check to see if the remote control works by pressing long any button. If the red LED turns on this means that the battery is good and was replaced according to the instructions.


7. The next step is putting back the front cap. First insert the superior part in the intended space and then push the inferior part.