Wrought iron railings & balusters:
a refined vintage looking style…

Wrought iron railings & balusters

Not so long ago wrought iron was considered a raw material to be used exclusively in metallurgy. Today however it is used for its decorative role, being associated with the romantic, rustic or even Mediterranean interior and/or exterior design styles. Tough, but also elegant, wrought iron has the ability to take any shape, being fit for the production of various objects, such as stair railings, spiral staircases, and balcony balusters.

Dusadoor’s artisans can build wrought iron railings and balusters of any kind, in any style you wish, from the most complex and flowery, to the most minimalistic. Wrought iron railings have plenty of applications, being used to rail in balconies, terraces and staircases. We also design and assemble 100% wrought iron spiral staircases and wrought iron structures for interior and exterior stairs.

All our wrought iron elements that we create are treated with anticorrosive paint to keep them free of rust.

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