Garage door automation
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Dusadoor provides you with garage door openers built by the famous Italian brand Nice. Among the garage door automation systems that we proudly feature in our portfolio, we can name the Spidokit and Shellkit models, both from Nice.

Nice Spidokit garage door opener
The Spidokit garage door opener is suitable for garage doors up to 2.5 m high and up to 10.5 m total area. This opener is also available with a longer rail that allows it to lift garage doors of up to 3.5 m in height. Spidokit provides a very powerful and robust garage door automation, being operated by a 4-channel remote control, with rolling code and self-learning function.

Nice Shellkit garage door opener
The Shellkit garage door automation system features a modern design and is suitable for garage doors up to 2.3 m high and a total area of up to 8 m. Shellkit also determines the garage door’s trajectory, it is operated with a remote control, but it offers a convenient way to unlock the door during power outages.
The kits of the Nice Wingokit and Popkit swing gate openers contain:
  • an irreversible electromechanical gear motor (SP600), 35 mm thick guide
  • built-in control unit and radio receiver
  • a remote control with 4 channels
  • a 3 m guide rail

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Our swing gate openers can be fitted with solar power systems, fingerprint reader, additional remote controls, amplifying antenna and others.

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