Glass industrial sectional doors:
excellent natural lighting inside industrial halls

Glass industrial sectional doors

Dusadoor’s sectional industrial doors can be fitted with aluminium-framed glass windows or plexiglass panels, a modern solution for improve the working conditions and save money by allowing natural light to shine inside the building. The glazing is realised with 2, 3 or 4 mm thick glass windows. Glass panels display the same safety features found classic panels, plus they have the same height, fact that allows you to combine classic panels with glass panels or even opt for an industrial door made entirely with glass panels. These windows can be installed even on pedestrian doors.
Generally speaking, industrial panels share the same technical specifications and features with those of the residential ones:
  • they feature an anti-spring breakage protection system
  • they feature an anti-cable breakage protection system
  • they can be manual (operated through a gear chain) or automated (Nice opener)
For further technical specs regarding our sectional doors, see our sectional garage doors page.

  • Classic fittings: the most commonly used fittings for industrial doors; they require lintels of at least 450 mm in length; the door opens overhead at a 90° angle, parallel to the floor
  • Low-rail fittings: the best solution for industrial doors that feature a shorter lintel (down to 300 mm)
  • Highlift fittings: in this case, the sliding track lifts vertically and then it tilts following the shape of the roof
  • Vertical lift fittings: in this case, the door opens completely vertically, parallel to the wall above the door

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Industrial doors windows can be made transparent or semitransparent glass.


You can opt for manual operation of the door or for more efficiency, can opt for automation motor shaft produced by Nice Italy.


Our industrial glass doors can be accessorized with code keyboard, fingerprint reader, key selector, remote supplementary photocells or simple battery lock and chain gear.

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